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“Holding hands at the movie show, when all the lights are low, may not be new, but I like it, how about you?”

Kësulat  (15)
Sunday 25th February 2018, 7pm
Certificate  Duration 80mins
Albanian and Serb-Croat with English subtitles

CAST INCLUDES  Jimi Tihofsi, May-Linda Kosumovic, Ismail Kasumi, 
Selman Jusufi, Bislim Muçaj, Melihate Qena.

The still disputed Balkans territory of Kosovo this year celebrates the 10th anniversary of it's declaration of independence from Serbia.

This new, powerful and thought provoking wartime drama documentary takes an intimate look at the horrors of the 1998/99 war and the memories still burning within the Kosovan people.  
The title, Kësulat meaning The Hats, refers to the traditional headwear of the Serbs and Kosovar Albanians. A metaphor and a symbol of the differences that on the doorstep of Europe tore over one million families from their homes and led to the genocide of Kosovar Albanians.   Thousands of dead and missing persons which culminated in a NATO bombing campaign.

Set in a small village near the Kosovo/Serbia border, the story centres on an Albanian doctor, Alban, who treats and befriends, Milan, the ageing father of the only Serbian family in the village. As the Serb forces move into the province of Kosovo, Milan's schoolteacher son Dragan and his wife Slavica suffer increasing hostility from the rest of the village and Dr Alban is treated like a traitor.

When Serbian troops overun the village, the doctor has to flee with his mother, leaving behind his proud and stubborn father, Tefik, who declares "I want to see the face of the Serb that burns down my house!".

Left alone, but defiant, Tefik becomes grateful for the friendship of the Serb, Dragan. But will he ever see his son again...

All cast members and the writer, Jimi Tihofsi, personally experienced the horrors of the war.​
"This film captures very well the terror of Milosevic, and it brings that sad reality to life in a very realistic way.
It carries a great message - we have to fight for freedom at any cost”.  
Qirjako Qirko, Ambassador of Albania in the UK.

"...a powerful film...the best I've seen so far about the Kosova war!"

" father was killed in the war...but people do help each other even if they are from opposing sides."


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