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“Holding hands at the movie show, when all the lights are low, may not be new, but I like it, how about you?”

The Wife  (15)
Friday 2nd November 2018, 7.30pm
Certificate  Duration 100mins

DIRECTOR Bjorn Runge
CAST INCLUDES Glenn CloseJonathan PryceAlix Wilton ReganMax IronsChristian Slater, Elizabeth McGovern

She thinks of everything: where his glasses are, when it’s time to take his pills, what he should eat for lunch. After three-plus decades together, the wife anticipates the husband’s needs and meets them before he even realizes he has them—and certainly long before she’d ever consider tending to any needs of her own.

It’s an efficient if unhealthy dynamic that’s kept their marriage humming along through two kids and a grandkid on the way, through bouts of infidelity, through the husband’s spectacular and longstanding literary success and up to his crowning achievement: winning the Nobel Prize.

"Glenn Close is the living actor who has most often been beaten to an Oscar: six times since 1982, the words “but no cigar” have been ringing in her ears. With The Wife, she has her best shot since Dangerous Liaisons of laying this curse to rest. The tantalising irony of the film is that it’s about an awards presentation – the Nobel Prize for literature, no less – and that her character is not the one receiving it. She’s the one sitting, in a manner Close presumably knows all too well, neglected on the sidelines." Tim Robey, The Telegraph

"Close plays this ignored, pushed-aside woman like a gathering storm, drawing us into the mind and heart of a heroine who’s not going to take it any more. The actress has received six acting nominations without ever winning an Oscar. The Wife, a funny and fierce showcase for her prodigious talents, might just end the drought. You can’t take your eyes off her." Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


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